Data to Action

Solutions for Sustainable Cultural Transformation

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Technology ROI

Gain greater return on investment for your technology,

data, and assets..

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Cultural Transformation

Easily accessible integrated data coupled with

process re-engineering know-how.

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Field Analysis and Reporting Application (FARA)

Tablet and Browser based manual data entry, to fill-in the data gaps and replace paper.

Simple yet transformative: Fleet Management, Safety, Supervision...

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Real-time Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, & Operational Intelligence

  • Rt/DW/BI/OI
  • Maximizing Tech ROImoises icon image
  • Integrate all data sources, both plant & mine
  • Integrated Reporting & Analysis
  • Addiction to improvements through scorecards
  • Enabling sustainable advanced solutions, e.g. M2M


Field Analysis and Reporting Application (FARA)

  • Paper & pen form replacement
  • Fleet Management System
  • Personnel & Asset Trackingfara icon image
  • Integrated Solution (IS)
  • Safety & Training Systems


Advanced Solutions (AS)

Made Sustainable through Integration:cases icon image
  • Mine to Mill (M2M)
  • Activity Based Costing (ABC)
  • Scorecards & Scoreboards
  • Continuous Improvement, 6σ
  • Tire Management
  • Holistic Dispatch
  • Remote Integrated Operations Center


Consulting Services (CS)

  • Technology Strategy
  • Tech & Data Auditscases icon image
  • Technology Selection & Bid Management
  • Technology Project Management
  • Education & Training
  • Commercialization of R&D